A beautiful book to mark the 2013 Wallace anniversary

A beautiful small hand printed and hand bound book is currently being produced by Tim Preston (timpress@me.com) to mark next year's Wallace anniversary. Tim's day job is in magazine publishing, and his hobby is also publishing - using a mechanical Albion hand printing press, which dates from the 1870's (see photo below). Once the pages have been printed Tim will glue in all the illustrations and the books will then be professionally hand bound in cloth. Only 100 individually numbered copies will be produced and some have been reserved already. If you would like to reserve a copy then see below for details of how to do this. Tim estimates that they will cost only around £50 GBP each - a bargain for a book that is entirely produced by hand! It would not surprise me if they are all snapped up very quickly - so don't delay!

Not only is the book special because of how it is being produced, but it will be of interest to scholars since all the letters featured in it have been carefully transcribed by Tim from the original manuscripts. It is the first time that accurate copies of all the original surviving correspondence relating to the publication of Wallace's Ternate essay have been published together in this way.

Another good reason to buy a copy is that Tim has kindly offered to give all profits from sales of the book to the Wallace Memorial Fund as a contribution to the Wallace statue campaign. Thanks very much indeed Tim!!

To advertise the book Tim has produced a postcard, the front and back of which are reproduced below.

Letter from Ternate

Front of the 'postcard'

Letter from Ternate

Back of the 'postcard'

 Albion printing press

Tim's ancient Albion printing press

Woodcut of Wallace's giant bee

Wallace's giant bee - a woodcut illustration for the book

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