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20152015 Tour Flier: In the Footsteps of Wallace in the Malay Archipelago (Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia)
2015Specimens of Natural History Exhibition 2015
2015Natural History Magazine
2015Skeptic Magazine
2014Flier for Jim Costa's book "Wallace, Darwin, and the Origin of Species"
2013Defining Wallacea. Conference announcement.
2012Wallace cruise brochure
2012Letter of invitation for Wallace cruise
Anon2013Neath Wallace Trail Leaflet - Print version
Anon2013Neath Wallace Trail leaflet - Web version
Anon2013Natural History Museum, London. Wallace Discovery Trail. Adult leaflet.
Anon2013Natural History Museum, London. Wallace Discovery Trail. Kids leaflet.
Anon2013Programme for Natural History Museum, London conference 'Alfred Russel Wallace and his Legacy'. 23 October 2013.
Anon2013Perfectly natural: it's 100 years since Darwin's collaborator Alfred Russel Wallace died in Broadstone
Anon2013Admiring Darwin
Anon2009Giving Wallace His Due
Anon2009Reproducing images from the Wallace Website
Anon2008Leaflet advertising Wallace Conference at Linnean Society
Anon2008Makassar Wallace Conference Poster
Anon2008Book on Asia's Darwin
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Beccaloni, G2017Wallace's moth and Darwin's orchid
Beccaloni, G2016Portraits of Alfred Russel Wallace. Version 1.
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