Call for Ideas for Wallace Centenary Project

Anthropologist Richard Milner, (author of  Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z) is developing plans for a large Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary Project, to begin in 2013, the hundredth anniversary of the great naturalist’s death, for which he is seeking funding from the John Templeton Foundation and possibly other sources.

Milner has assembled a roster of distinguished advisors to the project, including Wallace historians George Beccaloni and Charles Smith, anthropologist Ian Tattersall, primatologist Robert Sussman, authors Jonathan Weiner and Michael Shermer, evolutionary biologist and animal behaviorist Lee Dugatkin, paleoanthropologist Will Harcourt-Smith, and other leading scholars.

Our program is still under development, but is currently conceived as a “Big Tent” series of events and subprojects, and we may be able to incorporate some of your ideas for new proposed work, as well as for ongoing research already in progress. The present plan includes major conferences to be held in London, New York, and possibly other international locations as well. We are also amenable to joining and possibly contributing funds or sponsorship to other Wallace Celebratory events and publications which may be already in the planning stages for 2013.

We would love to hear about Wallace-inspired or influenced scholarly and scientific research projects, papers, and activities from biologists, historians of science, anthropologists, ethologists, prehistorians and archeologists, ethicists, theologians, philosophers, primatologists, and others. Our goal is to encompass, topically, such diverse areas as biogeography; human nature; biological evolution; origin of life; social, cultural, and spiritual evolution; altruism and cooperation; ethics and philosophy, and, programmatically, to fund meetings, research, and educational outreach that will promote and advance knowledge of the Victorian genius’s life and intellectual legacy.

Ideas, suggestions, proposals, and inquiries may be sent directly to Richard Milner, Project Director, at

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