Comedian Bill Bailey's new show about Alfred Russel Wallace

It has recently been announced that comedian Bill Bailey will be doing a new travelling show all about Wallace - see   (the text of which is reproduced below). The first performance will be at The Lowry in Manchester in June, so book your tickets soon!


Bill Bailey at The Lowry 9th to 14th June

 Bill Bailey (from Wikipedia)

Bill Bailey (from Wikipedia)

Breaking news as Bill Bailey announces a five-date visit to The Lowry with his brand new show.

Bill Bailey became a household name following his appearances on Black Books, QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You. However, it is in his stand-up shows that Bailey's comic genius really takes flight. When Tinselworm visited Manchester back in 2007, it sold out the MEN for three nights with its combination of crackpot observation, musical parodies, anecdotes, memories and Bill's surreal ruminations on God, delusion, the Creation vs. Science Ding-Dong, jazz singers, tattoos, the majesty of Emo, the music of nature and worms...

Now The Lowry has announced that they are to host the comic for five nights in June as Bailey reveals his brand new show. So fresh that it doesn't even have a title yet, Bailey's sixth tour is based on the story of Alfred Russel Wallace, who also discovered the theory of evolution but was just pipped to the post by the upstart Charles Darwin. In interviews, Bailey says, "Wallace has sort of been eased out of history, finessed out of the picture. It's a class thing as much as anything else. Darwin came from a wealthy family, but Wallace had no background and no money and needed to make a crust, mostly - and bizarrely - by shooting lots of animals." All the hallmarks of a classic Bill Bailey show will be there, from music and jokes through to pictures of funny-looking creatures.

Last time Bill Bailey came to Manchester he sold out the MEN Arena for three nights running, before moving down to a sell-out show at Wembley. Tickets for this five-date visit in the far more intimate surroundings of The Lowry will be snapped up within days of their release for sale - get them while you can! Buy tickets for Bill Bailey

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