2019 Indonesian fundraising cruise features on National Geographic Traveller's 2019 "Cool List"

WMF Founder George Beccaloni will be the "Ship's Naturalist" on an amazing cruise across the remote eastern part of Indonesia in October 2019, which will raise funds for his Wallace Correspondence Project. The cruise, entitled "In Search of Wallace and his Living Treasures", has just been featured on the prestigious National Geographic Traveller magazine's "Cool List" for 2019 - a real honour!

Information about the cruise can be seen here: https://seatrekbali.com/cruises/detail/in-search-of-wallace-and-his-living-treasures-with-dr-george-beccaloni/94

The Cool List entry reads:

18 Indonesia

Sail the Wallace Line on an expert-led expedition

Why now? This October, it’s 150 years since Alfred Russel Wallace’s book The Malay Archipelago was published — the perfect time to sail the region.

Main attractions: Wallace’s answer to Darwin’s On the Origin of Species sets out pretty much all we now know about tropical flora and fauna and has never been out of print. Wallace spent 1854 to 1862 travelling the Malay Archipelago where he discovered the striking division in the distribution of animals that’s since become known as the Wallace Line: an invisible marker between Bali and Lombok running northward between Borneo and Sulawesi, either side of which the distinct fauna of Asia and Australasia are found. Several trips make the natural wonders of this region more accessible, including a new Dive Worldwide liveaboard experience tailored to snorkellers in the biodiverse Coral Triangle. Sea Trek also has several new expert-led expeditions.  

Don’t miss: Sea Trek’s sailing with Dr George Beccaloni, who heads up the Wallace Correspondence: an ever-evolving project to locate and publish all surviving Wallace manuscripts and letters.

SeaTrek's ship, the Ombak Putih (White Wave) in January 2018.

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