FREE, FREE, FREE!!! Spectacular special Wallace editions of Natural History and Skeptic magazines...

Spectacular special Wallace editions of Natural History and Skeptic magazines (both published in the USA) have just been produced in collaboration with Richard Milner's Wallace Centenary Celebration project. Richard edited both issues - and they are packed with excellent Wallace-related articles by famous writers, ranging from Sir David Attenborough to Richard Conniff. Richard Milner's project has paid for several hundred extra copies of each magazine and these will be sent free of charge to anyone who wants them, anywhere in the World! If you would like one or both magazines please send your postal address to Richard - stating whether you want one of them or both. Please put "Free Magazine" in the subject line of your message. Richard's email address is Please forward this information to anyone else who you think might like copies - including schools, colleges etc.

Here is the Contents page of the Natural History Wallace issue:

Here's the cover of the Wallace edition of Skeptic magazine:

And here is the contents list of Skeptic magazine:

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