The only 19th century cartoon featuring Wallace?

Some months ago Darwin historian Janet Browne mentioned to me that no 19th century cartoons mentioning Wallace are known. Well, I just 'discovered' one (albeit an unpublished one) which was mentioned on an interesting post by Brian Switek on his Laelaps blog in 2011 - see and below (No, Wallace isn't the chap in the centre!).

The relative sizes of Darwin and Wallace's names (in twigs above) perhaps reflects the amount of credit apportioned to them by the public for their discovery of natural selection. Given that Darwin was seen by the public as having the lion's share of the credit for the theory, it is not very surprising that 19th century cartoons satirizing evolutionary topics focussed on Darwin rather than Wallace. What I find more interesting is that there don't appear to be any 19th century cartoons lampooning Wallace for his spiritualistic beliefs - although there are some published within the last 10  years! Was this perhaps because such beliefs were simply not that controversial amongst the public at that time?

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