Wallace Correspondence Project to Restart December 1st 2017.

Very good news for myself and my A. R. Wallace Correspondence Project (WCP)! The agreement for the grant which will fund the project for 2 years and 9 months was officially signed today and work on the project is due to restart on December 1st! The funder is the John Templeton Foundation and the charity which will host the grant is the Charles Darwin Trust (CDT). I am extremely thankful to my friend Dr Randal Keynes (Darwin's great-great grandson), who heads the Trust, for suggesting that the CDT could host the project and for his considerable help during the long process of securing the grant. I know that the Wallace family are delighted that the CDT has helped the WCP in this way and I am delighted that the goodwill which Darwin and Wallace shared during their lifetimes is being continued by their descendants.

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