A Wallace-related name badge holder from 1958

I collect artefacts related to Alfred Russel Wallace ("Wallaceiana"), and although there are certainly not nearly as many as there are Darwin-related items ("Darwiniana"), new pieces do occasionally still turn up. The latest is the name badge holder below, which I purchased from a well known online auction site. It was produced for the XV International Congress of Zoology in 1958, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the reading at the Linnean Society of London, of Darwin and Wallace's seminal papers proposing the theory of evolution by natural selection. It features what looks like a Galapagos Land Iguana and is made from a heavy silver metal.

The 100th anniversary of Darwin and Wallace's theory was marked by a large series of interconnected events involving many of the leading scientific organisations in the UK, including the Linnean, Royal and Geological Societies, plus the XVth International Congress of Zoology. There were especially prepared exhibitions on display in the Linnean Society, the Wellcome Collection, and the Central Hall of London's Natural History Museum, and even a banquet at which representatives of the Darwin and Wallace families were guests of honour. 

For more information about the centenary events see:

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