Events to mark the 100th anniversary of Wallace's death at the Natural History Museum, London on the 7th November 2013

Wallace100 logoThe 100th anniversary of Wallace's death on the 7th November 2013 is being marked by two public events at the Natural History Museum in London - plus two private events afterwards which are open only to invited guests who were involved in Wallace100. 

The two public events are:

1) A performance of Welsh theatre company Theatr na nÓgg's brilliant play "You should ask Wallace" in the Museum's Flett Lecture Theatre from 15.00 - 15.45. Tickets are free but have to be booked in advance here:

2) The public unveiling by Bill Bailey and David Attenborough of the life-size bronze statue of Wallace which the Wallace Memorial Fund is donating to the Museum. This will take place in the public atrium of the Darwin Centre 2 building from 16.15 to 16.45 and I suggest that if you want a good view you should get there by 16.00. More details can be seen here:

I would highly recommend that you also take the opportunity to see the Museum's excellent Wallace Discovery Trail exhibition - which finishes on 24th November. It features lots of interesting objects including specimens collected by Wallace and items owned by him. The display cases are scattered all over the Museum so you need to pick up a leaflet at the Museum's Main Reception Desk so that you can find them! That's why it is called a 'discovery trail'! For more information about this exhibition see:

I hope to see you on the 7th - it will be an historic occasion!

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