Halfway to a Wallace statue, but time is running out!

Exciting news - we have just reached the halfway mark in the fundraising for the statue - we now have about £25,0001 of the £50,000 needed!! We can now afford to commission a large-than-life head-and-torso bust with plinth, which is about half the bronze which would go in to making a 10% larger than life statue which is obviously the ultimate goal. Since we have received some large donations recently (£3000, £1500 and £500) we are reluctant to stop just yet, so we have discussed the situation with the sculptor, Anthony Smith, and he has agreed to extend the deadline by two weeks - to Saturday 16th February. This deadline is set in stone. Hopefully a generous major donor or three might step forward, but as this is sadly not very likely to happen, please consider donating even relatively small amounts. Lots of small amounts equals one large amount!

Thanks very much indeed to all people who have donated so far - and thanks in advance to all who will (hopefully) donate in the next two weeks!

NOTE (30/01/2013): Since writing the above I have done a more accurate calculation of the donations received and have disappointingly found that the total is in fact less than £21,000.

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