i) Wallace's Writings

Virtually all of Wallace's writings - published and unpublished - are now available on the following three websites:

Wallace Letters Online - Wallace's complete known correspondence plus other manuscripts, including the notebooks owned by the Natural History Museum, London.

Wallace's notebooks in the Linnean Society

Wallace Online - All of Wallace's published writings. Also see The Wallace Page.

ii) Teaching Resources

See the following pdf about Darwin and Wallace's theories:
A nice teaching resource about Wallace's life and work - click here.
Also see: 

iii) Biographies

Wikipedia article about Wallace.
An excellent capsule biography of Wallace by Sean Carroll.
Good biography of Wallace on the Welsh Icons website.
Interesting biography on 

iv) Assorted Articles

A great article on Wallace's eclipse by Darwin by Jim Endersby.
Nice article about Wallace's connection to the town of Hertford.
Excellent account
of the events surrounding the publication of Wallace's 1858 essay on natural selection.
An interesting paper comparing Darwin and Wallace's theories of natural selection.
An article highlighting the current distorted darwinocentric view of the history of evolutionary biology.
A great article about Wallace's neglect by Olivia Judson.
A well written article about Wallace in The New Yorker by Jonathan Rosen.
Wallace gets it right again!
A good article in Smithsonian magazine about the history of the discoveries of evolution and natural selection - click here.
A nice article about Wallace by Sahotra Sarkar published in Resonance in March 2008. Click here to download the pdf.
Fairly good article about Wallace's Spiritualistic beliefs - click here.
A collection of interesting articles by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski.

Also See:

Wallace Collection

Highlights from The Natural History Museum's (London)
   archive of Wallace letters and other manuscripts.
                       (click on the icon)

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