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Transcribed from a poster held in the Thurrock Library's Local Study collection (Thurrock Library, folder No. 205), advertising the property for sale by auction to be held on Thursday, June 15th, 1876. [See original - page 1 , page 2 , page 3 ]


Charming Residence,

known as


in the


Standing upon a hill with a South aspect, and commanding one of the most pleasing prospects in England, embracing a long reach of the winding river Thames, with the Kentish Hills in the distance. The property is within a few minutes' walk of Grays Station, on the Southend Railway, whence there are several quick trains to London, occupying from 35 to 45 minutes on the journey.


Occupies a high position, was erected by the owner in the best possible manner, especially for his own occupation, is approached by a serpentine Carriage Drive, with an Entrance Lodge having Four Rooms, and contains -

ON THE SECOND FLOOR. - Four airy Bed Chambers, each fitted with Mantel Piece and Stove, - the largest room measures about 19ft. by 15ft., and would form an excellent Nursery or Billiard Room.

ON THE FIRST FLOOR. - To which there are two staircases both of stone. Four principle Bed Chambers each fitted with Mantel Piece and Register Stove, and the largest measuring respectively about 19ft. by 15ft., and 16ft. by 15ft.; a dressing room; a bath room with Fire place, bath, and hot and cold water laid on; a W.C.; Lobby, and a housemaids' sink also supplied with hot and cold water.

ON THE GROUND FLOOR. - Outer and Inner Halls protected by a pretty porch, and paved with encaustic tiles; Drawing Room about 21ft. 6in. (including bay) by 15ft., with tiled hearth and French casements opening to the grounds; Dining Room about 19ft. by 15ft., fitted with Mantel and Register Stove, and having French casements opening to Conservatory and Greenhouse; Library with mantel and Register Stove; Lavatory with Hot and Cold Water, and W.C. The domestic offices are also on the ground floor, and include Kitchen with kitchener, dresser and cupboard; Scullery; Cool Larder; Store Room; Cellar; Servants' W.C.; Laundry with copper; ironing stove, and rain water cistern, workshop and Coal House.


A Fowl House and Store Shed, and a Greenhouse and Tool House,


A Capital Site for Stabling, and a Piggery.

The house has been well built and finished throughout with every regard to the comfort and convenience of the inmates. The principal windows are of plate-glass and on the South front have Clark's Patent Revolving Venetian Shutters; the ground floor is of concrete, and the rooms have concrete skirtings. All the rooms are ventilated, and the drains have been carefully attended to.

There is an abundant supply of both hard and soft water which are raised to the top of the house. Gas is laid to the corner of the road, and could be readily brought up at a small cost.

The Residence stands in the midst of




Which are profusely adorned with fine timber trees, and choice shrubs.

The ground being picturesquely broken have the appearance of far greater extent, there are numerous winding walks and terraces, banks of shrubs and laurels, pretty shady seats, a fountain, a croquet lawn, and grass paddocks.

The whole presents a variety of charms which it is scarcely possible to describe, and can hardly be surpassed in England, while the views alone, both home and distant, would well repay a visit.

There are two capital walled Kitchen Gardens, stocked with the finest Wall and Pyramid Fruit Trees.

The situation is extremely healthy, the soil being gravel, on sandy loam and chalk - half an hour after the heaviest rain all is perfectly dry.


The Property is admirably adapted for Gentlemen fond of hunting, the Essex hounds being constantly near at hand. It is also conveniently placed for yachting, being about a mile from the Thames and within one hour's sail of the sea.

The whole is held by lease direct to the Vendor for the term of 99 years from 29th September, 1870, at the low Ground Rent of £28.

Possession will be given on Completion of the Purchase.

The usual Landlord's fixtures will be included in the Sale, but the Blinds throughout, newly fitted Floor Cloth, Brass Picture Rods, and a few other items are to be taken at a valuation in the customary maner.

The Timber and other Trees are included in the purchase.

The vendor reserves the right to take away any of the bulbs and flowers he may wish to remove, and to hold a Sale by Auction, on the premises, at any time prior to the completion of the purchase.

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