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The Wallace Memorial Fund are very grateful to the 75 generous people who contributing towards the Wallace statue.

We are extremely grateful to Dr Alan Smith CBE, FRS (no relation to the sculptor Anthony Smith!) for getting the fund-raising campaign off to an excellent start with a very generous donation of £10,000 GBP.

Donations have also been received from the following kind people and organisations:

Richard Russel Wallace (UK)

Alfred John Russel Wallace (UK)

David E. Axelrod (USA)

Christine Garwood (UK)

John Wilson (Australia)

Mark Nesbitt (UK)

Erica Evans

Caitlin Tyson (UK)

Bill Wallace Family (Canada) - £3,000

Usk Civic Society (UK)

Ann Spokes Symonds (UK)

Caroline Wallace (Canada)

Jim and Leslie Costa (USA)

Miguel Bastos Araújo (Portugal)

Thurrock Local History Society (UK)

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Mark Ribbands (UK)

Note that many donors have asked to remain anonymous or have not said that they would like to be listed here.

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