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I am compiling a list (with images) of all honours received by Wallace for his work. The list is incomplete at present, but I have nevertheless copied what I have so far below.


1868 (30 November): Royal Medal of the Royal Society. (Nominated by Huxley)

1870: Gold Medal, Socieété de Géographie.

1890 (1 December): Darwin Medal of the Royal Society.

1892 (23 May): Founder's Medal of the Royal Geographical Society.

1892 (24 May): Linnean Gold Medal of the Linnean Society.

1908 (1 July): gold Darwin-Wallace Medal of the Linnean Society of London.

1908 (December): Copley Medal of the Royal Society. The highest award of the Royal Society.

1908: Order of Merit.

Other Honours:

1879 (28 July): Freedom of the City of London.

Alfred Russel Wallace's Freedom of the City of London.

1882 (29 June): LL.D. (Doctor of Laws) from Dublin University.

Wallace in his LL.D. robes

ARW in his LL.D. robes

1889 (26 November): D.C.L. (Doctor of Civil Law) from Oxford University.

1893 (June): Elected Fellow of the Royal Society. He had at first refused fellowship, but Thistleton-Dyer and Huxley eventually persuaded him to accept.

Incertae Sedis:

1882 (26 April): Pall Bearer at Darwin's funeral at Westminster Abbey.

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