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I am compiling a list (with images) of all honours received by Wallace for his work. The list is incomplete at present, but I have nevertheless copied what I have so far below.


1868 (30 November): Royal Medal of the Royal Society. (He was nominated by Huxley)

1870: Gold Medal, Société de Géographie.

1890 (1 December): Darwin Medal of the Royal Society. (Wallace was the first recipient of this medal).

1892 (23 May): Founder's Medal of the Royal Geographical Society.

1892 (24 May): Linnean Gold Medal of the Linnean Society.

1908 (1 July): gold Darwin-Wallace Medal of the Linnean Society of London. (Wallace was the first recipient of this medal, and his was the only gold version ever struck).
Darwin-Wallace Medal. Darwin side.Darwin-Wallace Medal. Wallace side.

Wallace's Darwin-Wallace medal.

1908 (30 November): Copley Medal of the Royal Society. (The highest award of the Royal Society.)

1908 (14 December): Order of Merit.

Other Honours:

1879 (28 July): Freedom of the City of London.

Alfred Russel Wallace's Freedom of the City of London.

1882 (29 June): LL.D. (Doctor of Laws) from Trinity College, University of Dublin. (On recommendation of Rev. Samuel Haughton, senior lecturer in geology)

Wallace in his LL.D. robes

ARW in his LL.D. robes

1889 (26 November): D.C.L. (Doctor of Civil Law) from Oxford University.

1893 (June): Elected Fellow of the Royal Society. (He had at first refused fellowship, but Thistleton-Dyer and Huxley eventually persuaded him to accept.)

Incertae Sedis:

1882 (26 April): Pall Bearer at Darwin's funeral at Westminster Abbey.

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