Recent articles about Wallace from the Natural History Museum's magazine 'evolve'

Cover of evolve 15Cover of evolve 16As many of you will know, the Natural History Museum in London has been celebrating the life and work of Alfred Russel Wallace this year in a big way. As part of the celebrations, the Museum's magazine evolve has published four interesting articles about Wallace, and thanks to an agreement with evolve's Senior Editor Helen Sturge, and the authors of the articles in question, they can be downloaded as pdf files from the links below. Note that issue 17 of evolve hasn't even been distributed yet, so you will get to read the two interesting articles in it before everyone else!

ISSUE 15: Richard Conniff's article "Wallace: species seeker extraordinaire". DOWNLOAD HERE

ISSUE 16: Caroline Catchpole's article "Letters of a naturalist: the Wallace Correspondence Project". DOWNLOAD HERE

ISSUE 17: George Beccaloni's article "Wallace immortalised: Museum set to receive Wallace statue 100 years later than planned". DOWNLOAD HERE

ISSUE 17: Jim Costa's article "On the Organic Law of Change: Alfred Russel Wallace and the book that should have been". DOWNLOAD HERE

ISSUE 18: Anthony Smith's article "From clay, to wax, to bronze. The making of the Alfred Russel Wallace statue". DOWNLOAD HERE

Copies of evolve can also be purchased from the Museum's shop here:

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