Win tickets to see Sir David Attenborough lecture on Wallace on 7th November

Flett Lecture Theatre, Natural History Museum, London
7 November 2013 (The 100th anniversary of Wallace's
Time: 17:30 - 18:30

To commemorate the centenary of Wallace's death, Sir David Attenborough will
give a lecture at the Museum about Wallace's passion for birds of paradise.

Wallace studied the birds during his travels in the Malay Archipelago between
1854 and 1862.

You can win one of 25 pairs of tickets to Sir David Attenborough's Alfred
Russel Wallace lecture by entering our Wallace100 lecture free prize draw.

- To enter, please see this page:
- Please read the Terms and Conditions first.

 The closing date for entries is midnight, 27 October 2013. Winners will be
notified by Monday 28 October 2013.
Please note you need to be a UK resident aged 18 and over to enter the
Wallace100 lecture free prize draw.

 For information about other events which are taking
place at the Museum on the anniversary day please see:

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